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"I was really impressed with how the staff interacted with my daughter. My daughter can be very shy around strangers and we had postponed taking her to the dentist longer than we should have based on this. Everyone was so good with her that she willingly sat in the chair - alone - and willingly participated in the check up with little coaxing. I would highly recommend this practice to any of my friends with children."
Aug 2016 - Mary C.

"We love Growing Smiles! The staff was great! We felt very welcomed. My son was scared to go in at first. He heard a little girl crying and he wanted to leave right away. When the Hygienist told us it was our turn he didn't want to go in, she told him it was going to be alright and that he can pick out a toy. They showed him all the tools they were going to use and let him touch it to reassure that nothing was going to hurt. It was a great experience all around. He's actually asking if we can go back!"
July 2016 - Carmen N.

"You all are so patient with the kids. Thank you!"
June 2016 - Mary V.

"Dr.Galliani really made my fussy anxious toddler feel very relaxed; I had feared that my 19 month old high spirited child would have a difficult time cooperating with her first dental cleaning. ( Like most toddlers, she's not eager to be examined or having strangers intruding around her personal space.) I expected there to be a lot of pinning down and holding her against her will while she would scream and shout and assault the dental assistant and the Doctor for evening attempting to go near her mouth (happened to me at home.) Dr. Galliani somehow gained her trusted and the assistant was so pleasant that my daughter just allowed herself to be worked on, while she did just fuss for the first few minutes they quickly managed to gain her trust. I was very pleased with my visit, the atmosphere is kid and adult friendly and certainly inviting. I expected to have an uncomfortable experience of traumatizing my child of fear like most children aqquire while visiting the d entist. My experience was quite remarkable to say the least, Dr. Galliani was very informative and very easy going she seemed eager to educate about Dental hygiene . I would recommend her to my family and friends or in general for those parents that have anxious children or rebellious toddlers like mine."
May 2016 - Gloria B.

"We love this office and would recommend it to all our friends. They make a dental visit a fun experience for the kids which in turns makes it a blessing for the parents. Keep doing what you are doing because it works wonders."
May 2016- Warren C.

"I was so nervous about my toddler's first dental appointment. Just getting his haircut is a fiasco, so I was certain that he'd scream and cry, and that he would not let anyone near his mouth. But, I was completely wrong! The hygienist was fabulous - - nice, caring and friendly. She made him feel comfortable by letting him see and touch the different tools. Dr. Galliani was wonderful too and was able to do what she needed to do very quickly. I couldn't believe it when he actually opened his mouth for her. He never shed a tear and was excited to go home and show is sister his new balloon and toothbrush. If only they did haircuts too :)"
March 2016 - Pam M.